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We have been making Superior Quality Bakery Products

Since 1976

Our long voyage in the bakery business has taken us through many remarkable ventures.

About us

During the 1850s, a great great grandfather started his own flour mill that continued through two generations.Then in 1976, we established the first industrial fillo dough factory in Athens, Greece.

Four decades from our beginnings in Greece, we can proudly claim that we are producing the best tart shells on the market.

In 1997, we opened our doors in Los Angeles, California.  Today our journey finds us in Irwindale, California creating Superior Quality ready-to-use tart shells & more.

Working with time tested recipes Bakersland has been recognized as among the best in our industry by internationally prestigious culinary chefs and consultants.

Our everyday challenge

Offering nationwide distribution, we seek to be selected by top US bakeries, retail stores, restaurants, and hotels. 


Our Superior Quality and service has led to extremely positive customer feedback and satisfaction, driving our product lines to being among the most popular in our industry.

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